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ACC Business Offers The New VPN Value Offer National Plan

A VPN Value Offer National Plan is now available for new PNT customers to help close the pricing gap on competitive VPN sales.  This new offer is designed to compete against some of the major VPN and Internet providers in today’s competitive market spaces. 

New National Plan pricing is being introduced to the existing VPN Value Offer. In order to qualify for the new National Plan:

  • Customers must have a minimum of 60% of their PNT locations In Region/In Footprint (IR/IF)
  • All locations must use the same pricing plan
  • The National Pricing Plan Bandwidth options match the current offer, which includes T1, 3Mbps, 6Mbps and 20Mbps Switched Ethernet
  • In-Region/Out-Of-Region (IR/OOR) mileage limitations apply: for T1, 3M, 6M: 0 - 50 miles IR and 0 - 25 miles OOR; for Ethernet: 0 - 20 miles IR/OOR
  • Over Mileage Rates apply
  • Managed Router (PNT PLUS service) is the only service option
  • Only available to NEW PNT customers only.  An existing PNT customer cannot utilize this pricing and must be quoted outside of this offer

National Rate Pricing applies to a Single solution and cannot be combined with Over Mileage rates. Over Mileage pricing is separate and is noted below. Pricing is the same for both 2 and 3 year terms. One Year term is not available.  Pricing includes Port, Access and PNT.

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