Earn Extra Income and Expand Your Offerings

HALE Communications agents can expand their business by selling our diverse list of carriers to take advantage of our expertise. Our Agent Stream quote system, the leading edge sales process software, allows for complete automation and tracking of the sales process.

Independent Agent

Independent agents are experienced in the sale of telecommunications services and solutions. Network services are their core competency and the agent manages most of the sales process and customer relationship.

VAR / Network / Phone System Integrators

These organizations provide the network service piece as a complimentary service in conjunction with phone system/ hardware sales and services. The VAR/Network/Phone System Integrator manages a considerable part of the sales process, but requires some additional guidance in product and vendor selection.


Referring organizations require little telecommunications experience and the majority of the sales responsibility for proposing and closing opportunities falls to the HALE team. In this case HALE maintains a much more engaged relationship with the end user.

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